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11 Outstanding Tips to Fall Asleep Fast for Pregnant Women

Insomnia, heartburn and nightmares. The nights of a pregnant woman are sometimes very hectic and can even look like a real obstacle course. Sleep tips for pregnant women can help then in curb heartburn, stop stressing and fall asleep fast at Night.

In fact, based on a study carried out by the National Sleep Foundation’s 1998 Women and Sleep poll, it was recorded that 78% of women reported more disturbed sleep during pregnancy compared to other times.

Best Sleep tips for Pregnant Women:

If there is no miracle recipe for sleeping well, there are still some particularly effective tips (which I will share with you now) to make your sleep easier. They are:

1.    Avoid drinking after 5 p.m.

During pregnancy, women need to go to the bathroom more often, especially in early and late pregnancy. And for a good reason: not only does the uterus gain volume and compress the bladder but in addition, it has to be eliminated for two! It is therefore not surprising to have to get up at night. So, to avoid waking up too often, it is better to limit liquids – water, herbal teas, etc. – after 5 p.m. Instead, think about drinking water regularly throughout the day and reducing the amounts after 5 p.m. Finally, remember, that the stimulants, which would prevent you from sleeping, like tea and coffee are to be avoided.

2.    Naps, yes, but not too much!

When you are pregnant, it is better to refrain from taking too long naps at the risk of not being able to sleep more at night! If you are very tired, do not hesitate to rest but avoid sleeping too long. Short naps (no more than 20 minutes) are particularly effective in recovering a little energy, without disrupting your sleep pattern. Avoid falling asleep after 4 p.m.

3.    Stretch regularly

During pregnancy, you may experience back pain as well as muscle pain that can prevent you from sleeping. So. do not hesitate to stretch your back as long as your belly is not too large. In the third trimester of pregnancy, you may also be a victim of restless legs syndrome. It is, therefore, important to stretch them regularly. To do this, stand up facing a wall. Take a step forward and place your hands on the wall at shoulder height. Then bend the leg you have advanced.

Your back should be kept straight, and your heels should be glued to the floor. You should feel the back-leg muscles stretch. Stay like this for 3o seconds then change legs. Your tensions will be immediately relieved.

4.    Put your dreams into perspective

During pregnancy, sleep can be disturbed by more and more frequent dreams. If some are positive, others can turn into a nightmare. Fear for the baby, fear of childbirth, change of the body. They actually reflect an unconscious worry of the pregnancy. This is a completely normal phenomenon. But if some nerve-wracking dreams come back too often, its best to talk to your doctor and / or midwife. Confiding in you should help you better deal with your fears.

5.    Manage stress

Remember to keep time for yourself and to please yourself; the main thing is that you feel good about yourself and that you no longer think about the negative. So, do not hesitate to delegate certain tasks that take you time and energy. And to relieve stress, why not opt for preparation for childbirth based on sophrology or yoga? Sophrology helps, in particular, to react better in the face of the unexpected, to apprehend the physical and psychological changes linked to pregnancy, but also to reduce stress and pain.

6.    Eat lightly

To sleep well, it is better to avoid heavy meals in the evening. It is indeed preferable to eat light two hours before going to bed. This will give you time to digest and allow you to sleep better. Also avoid drinking stimulants like coffee, tea, cola and so on.

7.    Multiply pillows

Once lying down, it is not always easy to find the ideal position. Before you despair, start by bringing several pillows. If you sleep on your back, place them behind your neck and back, but also under your legs. Your back will be straight and your legs slightly raised. To sleep well on your side, place an ergonomic pillow under your neck, a classic pillow between your legs and a third against you, which will allow you to rest your shoulder.

8.  Sleep at regular hours

Getting a good night’s sleep when you’re pregnant can be an obstacle course. Toavoid insomnia, it is important to make sure you sleep at regular times. Try to go to bed at the same time every day. It’s good for you and your baby.

9.    Avoid screens

A pregnant woman can obviously stay in front of a screen during her pregnancy. It is, however, preferable that she moves away from it in the evening if she has trouble sleeping. The screens are indeed very bright and stimulate the organism. So. turn off your computer and your TV one hour before sleeping. Make way for books!

10.    Read in case of insomnia

If you can’t sleep, avoid turning around and going back to your bed. In addition to annoying your partner, you may become more upset. So, if you have been awake for 15 minutes, do not persist. Leave your bed and take the opportunity to read, relax or stretch. You don’t have to be out of bed for too long. Ten minutes of reading should be enough.

11.    Drink water

The main thing is to drink during the day and not drink 3-4 hours before bedtime. In the third trimester, the amount of water should be reduced to 1.2 litres per day. This includes not only pure water but also other products that contain water (vegetables, fruits, soups, sauces, etc.).

One of the main problems that any woman faces when she is pregnant is insomnia. And it is that he finds difficulties to be able to fall asleep and rest properly due to the whole set of changes that his body presents and the hormonal “revolution” he experiences.

However, it is essential that both for your health and that of your baby, you sleep properly and conveniently.

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