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Our Cause

Sleep is a basic need, just like eating, drinking and breathing. Without air, without water, and without food, no life. Without sleep, no life either. Our physical and mental health depend largely on the quality of our sleep and this need occupies 25 years of our life.

That’s why we exist.

Secretsleeps.com aim is to be a credible source of information, reference and awareness regarding sleep, its impact on quality of life and health, as well as its social and economic repercussions.

We are committed to recommending the best products and solutions for better sleep, with an emphasis on comfort, health and quality.

To achieve this, we:

  • Test and recommend products that can reduce and cure sleep disorders.
  • Encourage the transfer of knowledge to individuals, professionals, companies, and nursing staff.

What one can expect?

An opportunity to share with other people, and to receive concrete information, with answers to all your questions concerning your sleep disorders.

Our goal is to raise awareness of sleep disorders and the fact that they can affect all of us. Our activities are therefore aimed at various audiences: children, adults, seniors, employees, night workers, etc.

In order to raise awareness of sleep disorders, we offer conferences, events and workshops on various themes and according to various formulas, for all budgets.

How you can contribute - Volunteer

You can contribute by volunteering to be a part of our team.

About the author

This blog is being run by a passionate woman who loves a simple, minimal and happy life. She believes strongly that sleep plays an important role in a happy person. It’s why she shares

From experience, she shares her blogs on solutions and useful information she applied. This makes her in a better position to address and share these pieces of information to people dealing with lack of sleep like she did in the past.


If you’re going to want to be productive, have ample energy, be mentally alert and emotionally balanced all day long, you’re going to need to get quality sleep. Quality sleep equals a quality life.


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