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Lack of Sleep – FAQs, Questions, Psychology & Remedies

Every one of us knows a person who falls asleep very fast, and we keep on thinking, why can’t I sleep like him?

The reason behind this is that either we don’t have a good sleeping position, which helps us in sleeping fast. Or, we don’t have the idea of the psychology behind sleeping. If you are facing the same issue, then this topic has the solution to all of your problems. Let us discuss the best positions to sleep faster anytime.

What are the best positions to fall asleep fast anytime?

Most of us have the question in our minds that how to sleep fast? Generally, we don’t have the idea that what a right sleeping position can do to our sleeping habits. Following are the ways to sleep faster:

Fetal position

Fetal position is considered as one of the most comfortable positions for sleeping. In this position, sleepers turn on their side and curl their legs. This position will help you in sleeping fast.

Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your one side is also an excellent position to consider when you want to sleep faster. It works great if you sleep on your left side. It is scientifically proven that sleeping on left side helps you sleep faster and it will also help you with your snoring issues.

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back will not only help you with spine and knees pain, but it will also give you a good night’s sleep. Lying on your back will keep your body in the direction of gravity and helps you fall asleep faster.

Starfish position

In starfish sleeping position, sleeper sleeps on his back with his arms over his head. This position will help you in sleeping faster, but if you have any snoring issue, then it is not suitable for that issue.

Log position

People who sleep on their side and their arms are down, next to their bodies are said to be sleeping in a log position. This position will relax your muscles and helps you with sleeping faster. Also, it will help you with your snoring issue.

Yearner position

Yearner position occurs when you sleep on your side and stretch your arms in front of your body. This position helps you fall asleep faster.

The lesser-known simple psychology behind sleeping fast

Did you ever search on the web about how to fall asleep fast, in the middle of the night? If so, then you have the idea that what a person feels when he can’t sleep. Often, our bad sleeping habits lead us to the place where we feel helpless about sleeping faster. Let us discuss the actual psychology behind a good sleep:

  1. A bed is a place to sleep only so, its better to avoid using phone or other gadgets there
  2. Don’t try so hard if you don’t feel like sleeping. Rather spend some time anywhere else and come to your room only when you want to sleep
  3. Relax your muscles by lying down in a comfortable position like on your back.
  4. Eat healthy food like whole eggs, vegetables and fruits throughout the day. This will help in quick sleeping
  5. Exercise regularly to reduce the stress and stay healthy because it will help in better and quick sleep
  6. Follow a routine so that your mind will be trained about the sleeping schedule
  7. Make your room dark because darkness will give a sign to your brain that you should sleep now
  8. Use a scent diffuser to relax your muscles and release stress. It helps in better and quick sleep.
  9. Avoid caffeine before bedtime because the it disturbs your sleeping schedule
  10. Stay calm and reduce stress so that you can sleep peacefully and quickly

Sleeping FAQ’s

  1. How to sleep fast at night without thinking?

Over thinking can destroy your sleeping pattern. Following are the ways to sleep fast at night without thinking:

  • ·         Make a routine for sleeping because making a routine will train your mind about the sleeping schedule. It will help you in sleeping better and faster.
  • ·         Always think positive because by staying positive, you will eventually get rid of random late-night thoughts.
  • ·         Maintain a clean and slightly cold environment of your room, because a clean and cold environment will help you in sleeping faster and stops you from over-thinking.

2. How to sleep fast when you are not tired?

Sometimes, when you go to bed to sleep, you don’t feel tired or sleepy at all. There are many ways to sleep fast, even when you are not tired. You can try to lower the room temperature because a colder room helps in sleeping faster even when you are not tired. Another way is to lay down the way you feel comfortable, and if you like the ticking of the clock or noise of a fan, turn that on and focus only on its sound. Focusing on the sound that you like helps you in sleeping faster. If you feel uncomfortable by any noise then go for the other options like having a warm drink. Alternatively, maintaining a comfortable environment of the room as mentioned above.

3. How to sleep fast 5 minutes

You ever wonder that you can fall asleep in only five minutes? For sleeping in only five minutes, follow the following ways:

Use a bed mattress that has just right firmness. It must be neither very soft nor very hard.
Keep on thinking that you feel very sleepy, and you are going to sleep right away. This is the way to train your brain.
Breathe slowly because breathing faster will give a signal to the brain that you are still active, and you don’t want to sleep right now.
Visualize the beautiful and calming scenes like the seaside, etc.

4. What to drink to sleep faster

Drinking some hot drinks before sleeping can help you in sleeping faster, but it must not contain caffeine. Anything that you drink before sleeping has an impact on the quality of your sleep. For sleeping faster, you can drink, warm milk, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, hot chocolate, cherry juice, lemon tea, pure coconut water, banana smoothie, green tea without caffeine, ashwagandha tea, valerian tea, milk with add-in turmeric, almond milk, malted milk, etc. This basic reason for these drinks is that they will calm your muscles and releases your stress. You can drink any of these to help you with sleeping better and faster. The most important thing about drinking any liquid at night is that, you have to drink it at least two hours before sleeping to avoid excessive urination and drink only one cup at that time.

5. How to sleep fast tips that work on kids?

Making a sleeping routine for your kids, you must understand how much sleep your child needs according to his age. After you have the idea about his sleeping needs, do the following things to make him sleep faster:

A relaxing hot water bath
Comfortable dressing
Story in bed
Good night kiss
A good and comfortable sleeping environment work wonders for kids sleeping habits. For instance, a dark room with slightly low temperature
Avoid meals at least two hours before the bedtime
It is necessary for a child to take proper sleep. If, after trying all of the above methods, you still can’t find any change, then it is good to consult a doctor. 

6. What is the military method to sleep fast

Military method of sleeping is the one in which a person lays on his back and stretches his arms straight against his body. To achieve this position, you must relax your entire face, including the muscles in your mouth, then relax your shoulders and release the tension in them. After that, exhale slowly to relax your chest. Also, relax your thighs and legs. After doing all the above things, just train your mind about thinking some relaxing scenes and don’t overthink. You will fall asleep very fast by doing this.

7. How to fall asleep instantly in 5-10 seconds

There is a method known as the “4-7-8” method, which will help you to fall asleep within 10 seconds. Follow the following steps:

Exhale through your mouth by making a whooshing sound and curling your lips
After exhaling, inhale from your nose and count four seconds
When you inhale, hold your breath for 7 seconds
Then, exhale again with a whooshing sound
You will fall asleep within 10 seconds by doing this, but the main thing is that don’t make your brain alert at every step and do it mindlessly.

8. What is the biggest reason I can’t sleep at night

The biggest cause for not sleeping at night is overthinking. It is linked to different psychological problems like depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety is a sign of declined mental health. Psychologists say that the more you overthink the more your mental health declines. When you are thinking about more negative emotions before sleeping, there is a higher chance that you can’t sleep on time. Consequently, it will affect your mental and physical health.

The topic has answered all the questions, including how to sleep better. Follow the steps as mentioned above to regulate your sleeping habits.

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